2001 b/w This Is All I can Do - The Monarchs

Label:Ivy League Records

2001, the debut release for The Monarchs, comes blasting out of my speakers with enough power, energy and all round rock action to send my brain into orbit. For those who donít know, The Monarchs are somewhat an Australian rock supergroup featuring the very experienced lineup of Brad Shepherd (The Hoodoo Gurus, Hitmen, Fun Things), Greg Hitchcock (You Am I, Verys, Kryptonics, Neptunes, Bamboos...), Murray Shepherd (Harpoon, Screaming Tribesmen, Fun Things) and Andy Kelly (Glide).

On the strength of this piece of vinyl, Brad should have left the Hoodoo Gurus years ago. Not only does he seem totally inspired and recharged but the two songs rock harder than anything The Hoodoo Gurus did in the last 10 years. He and Greg trade fiery lead breaks as if their lives depend on it, at times sounding not unlike Fred and Wayne on High Time while Andy plays bass like John Entwistle and Murray hits the drums as hard as anyone. 2001 is the better of the two songs with the flipside, This Is All I Can Do, really just an excuse for Brad and Greg to let loose and show off. In short this is the most rockiní piece of vinyl that come out of Australia this year.

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